Helena Milovič, owner and chief nurse of Family home Lučko.


To start an own family home where I will be able to fulfil the days of our users with health and joy and provide them with quality health care to make their stay pleasant, cheerful and full of warmth, was my long-standing wish.

Since my early age, I had a need to help other people and take care of them, to participate in their beautiful and less beautiful life events. My great empathy and strong wish to make other peoples life better were very strong so my life path went in the direction of coexistence with people in need. I gained my work experience partly outside of Croatia, in Nursing home for the elderly and Health clinic in Slovenia and Germany, and as a chief nurse responsible for more than a hundered users and about forty employees in two respectable homes for elderly and disabled persons in Zagreb. I'm married and mother of three children to whom I want to be a role model in anticipating and respecting other people needs. 

Through my daily work with people and communication with them I feel great pleasure and fulfilment and I love doing my work. I found Family home Lučko in 2015. with a vision to be a place of extraordinary quality, safety and pleasant staying for elderly people. The home is commodious, pleasurable and bright, and a large yard makes it possible for us to spend a lot of time together taking walks and talking. Our basic principle in Family home Lučko is to respect dignity of every user, fully respect individual differences and offer quality health care individually adjusted to every user. doing that way, we can accomplish that every user feels cosiness and care as if he would be with his own family at home. Visits of friends and family members are more than welcome. Compatibility with all standards and constant investment in improvement of our work are the best confirmation of our quality of service and the significance we give to needs and pleasure of our users and their families.