Family home Lučko provides excellent medical care and accommodation to mobile, semi-mobile and immobile elderly persons. Needs of our users are at the first place for us. We provide to our customers pleasant environment and professional medical care. We monitor condition of our customers twenty four hours per day as well. If needed, we adjust diet. Moreover, staying at our Home includes medical consulting, health care and hygiene of environment. Furthermore, we organize cultural, spiritual, social, recreational and entertaining events for our customers.

Family home is easily reachable from anywhere in Zagreb. Building has 580 square meters which includes single rooms, double rooms and triple rooms. Interior is roomy, comfortable, full of light and it is adapted to be used by elderly persons as well. We are also very proud of our garden. There you can find a lot of green vegetation, benches and barbecue.

We guarantee our service with years of experience gathered by taking care of elderly persons in Croatia, Slovenia and Germany. It is worth of mentioning that founder of the Family home has University degree diploma in field of medical care from Ljubljana's University.


 We offer

  • High-quality medical staff

  • health care twenty four hours per day

  • Taking of samples for laboratory testing

  • Organization of medical transport

  • basic care - teeth brushing, washing, bathing, dressing etc.

  • Individual physical therapy recommended by medical specialists

  • The air-conditioned spaces