The needs of our customers are at the first place for us. We provide our customers with modern accomodation and high-quality health care. We monitor condition of our customers twenty four hours per day. We provide to our customers pleasant environment and professional medical care. If needed, we adjust diet. Moreover, staying at our Home includes medical consulting, health care and hygiene of environment. Furthermore, we organize cultural, spiritual, social, recreational and entertaining events for our customers.We also put emphasis on special dates for our customers (birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, Holy Mass).


Health care

We offer single, double and triple bed rooms with air conditioning and TV connection. Maintenance of personal hygiene is made easy as much as possible considering the mobility of our costumers.

The accommodation of mobile, semi-mobile and immobile elderly persons includes:

  • High-quality medical staff

  • health care twenty four hours per day

  • basic care - teeth brushing, washing, bathing, dressing etc.

  • Specific care - processing stoma, catheter, aspiration

  • Preventing complication of prolonged recumbency

  • Taking care of wounds - decubitus, wounds after surgery, venous ulcer

  • Control of vital parameters - blood pressure measurement, pulse, body temperature, blood glucose management

  • Application of treatment - local, oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, infusion, enema administration or otherwise on the order of a physician

  • Taking of samples for laboratory testing

  • Providing palliative care 

  • Individual physical therapy recommended by medical specialists

  • Group physiotherapy

  • Follow-up treatment of chronic diseases

  • Organization of medical transport

  • Laundry facilities 

  • Taking care of other everyday needs (hairdresser, chiropodist, religious services ...)

  • Various activities

High quality food is available in a dozen menus. The menus are chosen based on a medical criteria.